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  1. Introduction

    General Overview of IELTS Speaking Test
  2. Evaluation criteria to assess IELTS Speaking test
  3. Do’s and don’ts in IELTS Speaking
  4. Frequently asked questions on IELTS Speaking section
  5. Speaking Test – Part 1
    IELTS Speaking Part 1 format and general approach
  6. Tips for IELTS Speaking Part 1
  7. Speaking Test - Part 2
    A step by step guide to IELTS Speaking Part 2 or cue card
  8. IELTS Speaking Part 2 topics
    Describe your first day at school IELTS Cue Card
  9. Describe an aquatic animal IELTS Cue Card
  10. Describe a bag you want to own IELTS Cue Card
  11. Describe a time you got up early IELTS Cue Card
  12. Describe an art or craft activity IELTS Cue Card
  13. Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way IELTS Cue Card
  14. Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading IELTS Cue Card
  15. Describe a cafe you like to visit IELTS Cue Card
  16. Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS cue card
  17. Talk about an article which you have read about health IELTS Cue Card
  18. Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like
  19. Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market
  20. Describe a time when you are waiting for something special that would happen
  21. Describe a place you visited on vacation IELTS Cue Card
  22. Describe a creative person whose work you admire
  23. Describe a difficult decision that you once made
  24. Describe a good service you received IELTS Cue Card
  25. Describe a famous athlete you know IELTS Cue Card
  26. Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop
  27. Describe a bicycle/motorcycle/car trip you would like to go on
  28. Describe a decision made by others/someone that you disagreed with
  29. Describe a businessman you admire
  30. Describe a town or city you would like to live in the future
  31. Describe an activity that you do after school/work
  32. Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting
  33. Describe a time when you tried to do something but weren’t very successful
  34. Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home
  35. Describe someone older than you whom you admire
  36. Describe an argument two of your friends had
  37. Describe a natural talent you want to improve
  38. Describe a law on environmental protection
  39. Describe a puzzle you have played IELTS Cue Card
  40. Describe a live sports match that you have watched
  41. Describe an occasion when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone
  42. Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in
  43. Describe a time you saw something interesting on social media
  44. Describe an art or craft activity that you had at school
  45. Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people
  46. Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in
  47. Describe a time when you helped a friend
  48. Describe a leisure activity near the sea that you want to try
  49. Describe a time when you shared something with others
  50. Describe your favorite movie IELTS Cue Card
  51. Describe your favorite singer
  52. Describe a time you made a promise to someone
  53. Describe an art exhibition that you visited
  54. Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth
  55. Describe a skill that you can teach other people
  56. Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination
  57. Describe a special hotel you stayed in
  58. Describe a film you watched IELTS Cue Card
  59. Describe a meeting in which you were speaker
  60. Describe a time when you had to walk barefoot
  61. Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in
  62. Describe a website you visit often IELTS Speaking Cue Card
  63. Talk about an own thing which would like to remove
  64. Describe an island you would like to visit
  65. Speaking Test - Part 3
    Tips to crack IELTS Speaking Part 3
  66. Actual Speaking Exams
    IELTS Speaking test sample answer: Accommodation and House
  67. IELTS Speaking test: Behaviour, Patience and Politeness
  68. IELTS Speaking test: Computers, Internet and Technology
  69. IELTS Speaking test: Friends
  70. IELTS Speaking Test Answers Family
  71. IELTS Speaking sample answers: Hometown
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IELTS Speaking sample answers: Hometown

IELTS Speaking sample answers Hometown

IELTS Speaking sample answers Hometown
IELTS Speaking sample answers Hometown

Most of the examiners on IELTS Speaking test open the interview with questions on hometown. Although the topic is simple, you must practice the subject well. If you do that, you will be much more confident in your actual IELTS Speaking exam. Here are some sample questions and answers.

To read the answers, click on the question itself.

IELTS Speaking Part 1


To read the answers, click on the question itself.

Where is your hometown?

My hometown is Shrinagar which is the summer capital of Kashmir. It surrounds the beautiful Dal lake and is itself surrounded by beautiful mountains. This only adds to the beauty of the place. Shrinagar is a famous tourist town and is renowned for being a paradise on earth. 

What do you like about it?

There are a lot of things to like about Shrinagar. It has a lot of scenic beauty which attracts a lot of tourists from around the world. The thing that the tourists as well I like is Dal Lake. It is a gigantic lake and has small islands that have been converted into restaurants and shops. There are houseboats that you can spend the night in drinking Kahvah, the famous tea. 

What do you not like about it?

 I dislike the fact that Shrinagar has been part of a conflict that has lasted for over seventy years. This has taken an impact on the life of the people living there. Curfews are very common, and attacks on people in public are very common. This has erased the peace of mind that people had before. 

How important is your hometown to you?

My hometown is significant to me. It describes my roots and my upbringing. It also gives me a sense of identity and belonging. My hometown is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Do you think you will continue to live in your hometown?

No. Given the political climate as well as the situation there, it would be prudent for us to move to a different state until it calms down. Additionally, the education opportunities are not that great here either.

What is your country famous for?

My country is famous for a lot of things. In the past, it has led to a lot of advancements in science and technology. Even now, my country is known for its positive attitude towards achieving newer heights in all sectors of science. It is also known for its culture and for people that continually strive for knowledge and impart it to others. 

Where do you live in your country?

I live in a state called Maharashtra in a small city Pune which is also known as the city of colleges. This is famous for having an unbelievable number of colleges for various disciplines.

Is it an exciting place to live?

Absolutely. There are a lot of excellent restaurants with friendly people who tell you interesting stories about their life. People always help you should you have any difficulty with anything. Almost every day is an interesting day here.

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Cue Card on an interesting event in your hometown

Talk about an interesting event that happened in your hometown.

You should say

  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Who was involved?
  • Did it affect the people in your hometown?


The only exciting incident that comes to mind is a concert that took place in November last year. This was a massive incident as due to the constant attacks, curfews and the overall situation of my hometown, nothing significant happens. The concert included hugely popular music bands like BTS, Green Day, One Direction and AC/DC. Individual artists like Ritviz and DIVINE were also participating.

Aside from the bands, there were also stalls from multinational food corporations. This is also a big thing as companies that have not been set up within the state are not allowed to operate inside the state. This event took place in mid-November as an effort to raise awareness of the inter-nation conflict regarding that particular state. The organisers hoped to create awareness using that same event.

The people in my hometown were delighted that such a big event was happening. They were also scared due to the possibility of an attack at the venue. When the concert took place, the people came in droves. There were far more people than were expected. The show was a surprising success given that people were skeptical of the whole event.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

To read answers, click on the questions.

Are you planning to live in your hometown in the future?

Well, as stated, I am from Shrinagar. So. considering the fact the almost the entire state is in unrest, I am not planning to stay there in the future. Additionally, we had to sell our properties before moving from there, so it could be a while before we save enough to buy any properties there.

How has your hometown changed over the years?

Well, my hometown has more or less stayed the same culturally. The only change that has occurred is the physical appearance of my hometown has undergone a more modern outlook. For example, instead of building houses out of wood, you will find that many people have turned to cement or other more robust materials.

Is there any way your hometown could be made better?

Yes. The beautiful lake near the town has become dirty due to environmental pollution. It could be cleaned and restored to its former glory. Additionally, the conflict that my hometown has been marred by should be resolved. This will help increase the quality of life for all people and open new gateways like better education and business opportunities.

Are there good transportation links to your hometown?

My hometown has one of the most unique transportation links in the country. We have Shikaras which are small boats which take people across the lake to their homes from one side to another. This is an excellent means of transport and is very efficient as the lake divides the town.

What kind of jobs do the people in your hometown do?

Most of the people here are hotel owners. My hometown prides itself on being a tourist destination, and therefore, there is a lot of demand for hotels in winter and spring. Others hold more normal jobs. Additionally, some people act as caretakers of nature.

How often do you visit your hometown?

I visit my hometown thrice in a year. First time at the beginning of the year, the second time at the beginning of spring and lastly, at the end of the year. I do this because it gives a perfect experience of my hometown going through the seasons. 

How many people live in your hometown?

I do not know. If I had to guess, I would estimate around a few hundred thousand people live in my hometown. It is a small place in comparison to other areas, hence the small population size.

What is your hometown famous for?

My hometown is famous for its beauty which remains constant throughout the year. It is also known for its rich culture and kind people.  Our food, as well as our drinks, are also famous throughout the world.

What’s the oldest part of your hometown?

The oldest part of my hometown would be Jawaharnagar. That part of town consists of houses that are many centuries old. My parents used to live in that area when they were children. It was once considered as a posh place to reside in.


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