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  1. Introduction

    General Overview of IELTS Speaking Test
  2. Evaluation criteria to assess IELTS Speaking test
  3. Do’s and don’ts in IELTS Speaking
  4. Frequently asked questions on IELTS Speaking section
  5. Speaking Test – Part 1
    IELTS Speaking Part 1 format and general approach
  6. Tips for IELTS Speaking Part 1
  7. Speaking Test - Part 2
    A step by step guide to IELTS Speaking Part 2 or cue card
  8. IELTS Speaking Part 2 topics
    Describe your first day at school IELTS Cue Card
  9. Describe an aquatic animal IELTS Cue Card
  10. Describe a bag you want to own IELTS Cue Card
  11. Describe a time you got up early IELTS Cue Card
  12. Describe an art or craft activity IELTS Cue Card
  13. Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way IELTS Cue Card
  14. Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading IELTS Cue Card
  15. Describe a cafe you like to visit IELTS Cue Card
  16. Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS cue card
  17. Talk about an article which you have read about health IELTS Cue Card
  18. Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like
  19. Describe a time you bought something from a street or outdoor market
  20. Describe a time when you are waiting for something special that would happen
  21. Describe a place you visited on vacation IELTS Cue Card
  22. Describe a creative person whose work you admire
  23. Describe a difficult decision that you once made
  24. Describe a good service you received IELTS Cue Card
  25. Describe a famous athlete you know IELTS Cue Card
  26. Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop
  27. Describe a bicycle/motorcycle/car trip you would like to go on
  28. Describe a decision made by others/someone that you disagreed with
  29. Describe a businessman you admire
  30. Describe a town or city you would like to live in the future
  31. Describe an activity that you do after school/work
  32. Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting
  33. Describe a time when you tried to do something but weren’t very successful
  34. Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home
  35. Describe someone older than you whom you admire
  36. Describe an argument two of your friends had
  37. Describe a natural talent you want to improve
  38. Describe a law on environmental protection
  39. Describe a puzzle you have played IELTS Cue Card
  40. Describe a live sports match that you have watched
  41. Describe an occasion when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone
  42. Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in
  43. Describe a time you saw something interesting on social media
  44. Describe an art or craft activity that you had at school
  45. Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people
  46. Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in
  47. Describe a time when you helped a friend
  48. Describe a leisure activity near the sea that you want to try
  49. Describe a time when you shared something with others
  50. Describe your favorite movie IELTS Cue Card
  51. Describe your favorite singer
  52. Describe a time you made a promise to someone
  53. Describe an art exhibition that you visited
  54. Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth
  55. Describe a skill that you can teach other people
  56. Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination
  57. Describe a special hotel you stayed in
  58. Describe a film you watched IELTS Cue Card
  59. Describe a meeting in which you were speaker
  60. Describe a time when you had to walk barefoot
  61. Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in
  62. Describe a website you visit often IELTS Speaking Cue Card
  63. Talk about an own thing which would like to remove
  64. Describe an island you would like to visit
  65. Speaking Test - Part 3
    Tips to crack IELTS Speaking Part 3
  66. Actual Speaking Exams
    IELTS Speaking test sample answer: Accommodation and House
  67. IELTS Speaking test: Behaviour, Patience and Politeness
  68. IELTS Speaking test: Computers, Internet and Technology
  69. IELTS Speaking test: Friends
  70. IELTS Speaking Test Answers Family
  71. IELTS Speaking sample answers: Hometown
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Describe a businessman you admire IELTS Cue Card

Describe a businessman you admire
Describe a businessman you admire IELTS Cue Card with band 9 answer and part 3 follow up questions

In this lesson from simply IELTS, you will know how to Describe a businessman you admire band 9 IELTS Speaking Cue Card part 2 and part 3 follow up questions.

Describe a businessman you admire IELTS Cue Card

You should say

  • Who this person is?
  • How do you know this person?
  • What kind of business this person does?
  • Why do you admire this person?

Band 9 Model Answer to Describe a businessman you admire IELTS Cue Card

  • There are numerous fruitful financial specialists in my country, like Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Ratan TATA, Vijay Mallya, etc
  • Yet, here I might want to discuss Mukesh Ambani.
  • He is in his late fifties and looks extremely attractive.
  • He has a degree in Synthetic Designing
  • He joined his dad in Dependence Enterprises in 1981, at 24 years old.
  • He has an extraordinary vision and since the time he joined his organization, he took it higher than ever.
  • He set up India’s first private petroleum processing plant at Jamnagar Gujarat.
  • This treatment facility can deliver 33 million tons of oil each year.
  • He made it feasible for India to contend at the worldwide level.
  • He likewise possesses the homegrown cricket club of IPL known as the Mumbai Indians
  • In 2012, he was positioned the most extravagant man in India and the second most extravagant in Asia.
  • He is the nineteenth most extravagant man on the planet
  • He has a total assets of 21 billion dollars.
  • He lives in Mumbai.
  • His home has 27 stories and is valued at 1 billion dollars.
  • He lives there with his better half, Nita Ambani, three youngsters, and a staff of 600 individuals.
  • He accepts that organizations ought to continually develop else they will deteriorate and shrink away.
  • He accepts that the fundamental reason for organizations is to make occupations and abundance.
  • Furthermore, he has effectively done as such by his different enterprises.
  • His accomplishments have spread the word about him in India as well as across the globe.
  • In 2013, he was given ‘Business visionary of the Decade’ by the All India the executives Affiliation.
  • Thus, I think Mukesh Ambani is an extremely effective financial specialist of India essentially on account of the manner in which he dealt with his resources in the oil business.

Speaking Part 3 Follow-Up Questions to Describe a businessman you admire

  1. What do you think ought to be the retirement age for people?

    I think instead of dependent on sexual orientations, retirement age ought to be founded on callings.

    In callings, where actual wellness is essential, the retirement age ought to be on the lower side, while in office occupations, the retirement age could be more. As a general rule, I think 60-65 years is the ideal retirement age.
  2. What characteristics do individuals have to maintain their own business?

    I think the superb quality is monetary administration in light of the fact that at last the achievement of any business relies on if it is productive.

    Other than that, individuals need to have great administration characteristics and they should have the option to viably appoint liabilities. A many individuals who get restless with regards to assigning liabilities can’t develop.
  3. What do you believe are key factors the add to the accomplishment of a business?

    I think many variables decide if a business would be effective or not and the significance of elements differs as per the kind of business.

    For instance, a fruitful eatery needs a decent area, a decent quality help, and delicious food more than whatever else. As a general rule, I would say if the business is giving an item that has an interest and just the specific organization can give it, it will be fruitful.
  4. If you had the chance to start your own business, what might it be and why?

    I’m not generally excellent with cash the executives, so I think would fall flat at maintaining a business.

    Nonetheless, on the off chance that I needed to begin one, it would be a pastry shop. I love to heat, so as far as I might be concerned, it would be following an enthusiasm instead of maintaining a business.

    What’s more, I have heard, in case we are really energetic with regards to something, it is difficult to come up short.

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