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IELTS Listening practice course – the complete guide

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  1. General Overview
    General overview about IELTS Listening section
  2. How is the IELTS Listening test conducted
  3. When to use capital letters in IELTS Listening and Reading?
  4. Step by step guide to improve Listening Skills and IELTS Listening Scores
  5. Question types in IELTS Listening
    IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve Form Completion
  6. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve Sentence Completion
  7. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve label the map question
    1 Exam
  8. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve Matching Features question
  9. IELTS Listening: Multiple Choice Questions
  10. IELTS Listening: Strategy to solve Multiple Response Question
  11. Listening Tests
    IELTS Listening Practice Test 1
    4 Exams
  12. IELTS Listening Practice Test 2
    4 Exams
  13. IELTS Listening Practice Test 3
    4 Exams
  14. IELTS Listening Practice Test 4
    4 Exams
  15. IELTS Listening Practice Test 5
    4 Exams
Exam 20 of 21

Art Projects IELTS Listening Test with Answers

Art projects IELTS Listening answers, audio, pdf & transcript

A new IELTS listening test part 3 from Cambridge IELTS 16 Listening test 1 Art projects IELTS Listening test with answers and audioscript

In this IELTS Listening exam, you will a new part 3 IELTS listening test with answer keys, audio transcript and explanation

Art Projects IELTS Listening Answers with Explanation
Art Projects IELTS Listening Answers with Explanation

In the Answers tab, you can find this IELTS listening answers with location and explanation

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Now start to answer part 3 IELTS listening test questions. Please listen to audio file to answer questions 21 to 30.

You can download the test questions, audioscript and answers as a pdf file from here:

IELTS Listening Art Projects test Questions

click Finish exam to check the correct answers

Art Projects IELTS Listening answers

21C, E
22C, E
23B, E
24B, E


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