How to achieve IELTS Reading band 6.0 and 6.5

How to achieve IELTS Reading band 6.0 and 6.5

How to achieve IELTS Reading band 6.0 and 6.5

How to achieve IELTS Reading band 6.0 and 6.5
How to achieve IELTS Reading band 6.0 and 6.5

Many candidates when taking the IELTS test really want to reach a score of 6.0 to fulfill their dream of studying abroad, settling down or simply to graduate or find a new job. But what does IELTS Reading band 6 actually require and how to achieve this band score for IELTS Reading Academic and General Training?

This article will analyze in detail how to achieve IELTS Reading band 6.0 and 6.5, what the IELTS Reading 6.0 roadmap is like, and also give an extremely detailed test strategy for those who want to achieve this band score in reading!

What is IELTS Reading band 6.0+ like?

About language ability

In this band, candidates are able to:

  • Good understanding of popular texts and short academic texts. Have a relatively good basic vocabulary.
  • However, candidates are not able to understand the texts of strange topics, lacking vocabulary. Some sentences are too long and complicated also cause many difficulties for candidates.

About the number of correct answers

IELTS Reading score chart
IELTS Reading score chart

To achieve IELTS Reading 6.0 , candidates must answer correctly from 23-26 questions out of a total of 40 questions.

So how many questions must be answered correctly to achieve Listening band 6.0? Let’s find out through this article from Simply IELTS

IELTS Reading strategy for low level – 6.0+ target


Which Reading passage or section should I focus on?

To answer 23-26 IELTS Reading questions correctly, candidates need to focus the most on Passage 1 or section 1 in General Reading, and Passage 2 or section 2, because these are 2 passages that are easier to score. (Passage 1 has a total of 13 sentences, Passage 2 has 13 sentences)

If you focus your time and effort to do well and thoroughly these 2 passages, you can completely get 23-26 correct sentences!

Which reading question type should be done first?

To get a quick score on easy questions, candidates should focus on question types such as:

And you should leave these difficult questions for later:

Especially, if time is limited (when working up to Passage 3 or section 3), candidates can make the most of the time they have by doing the Detail questions before doing the Main Idea questions. The reason is because the Detail questions works faster, helping candidates complete many sentences in a short time.

Methods of effective Reading

In addition to having the right test strategy, candidates also need to have a method that is correct and suitable for the current level. Instead of “plugging” into skim/scan or read word-by-word – methods that are only suitable for students who already have a very good vocabulary – candidates can apply Linear thinking during the test.

Linear thinking helps to minimize dependence on vocabulary, while helping students understand complex sentences better and be able to quickly summarize the content of a paragraph after reading.

Time management

Since there is only 60 minutes to complete all 3 reading passages, time management is extremely important when doing the test. Candidates can distribute their 60′ as follows:

For those of you with IELTS Reading 6.0 goal:

  • Passage 1: 30 minutes
  • Passage 2: 30 minutes
  • Passage 3: do it if you have time left over

With this time division, candidates can ensure that they get all the points for easy passages to achieve the desired target of 23-26 sentences.

For those of you with a Reading 7.0 goal:

  • Passage 1: 20 minutes
  • Passage 2: 25 minutes
  • Passage 3: 15 minutes (priority is given to easy questions to get points)

With this division, candidates can get the full score of 26 sentences from the first 2 passages, then focus the last 15 minutes on doing easy questions to get points in Passage 3 (take 4-5 more questions) to reach the target. 7.0 desired.

IELTS Reading band 6.0+ learning route

Who is this IELTS Reading 6 learning path for – Background

This IELTS preparation route is for those of you who:

  • Currently at level 5.0 and want to increase to 6.0.
  • Reading can be done 3-4 days/week.
  • Can study and review IELTS Reading 2 hours a day.
  • Planning to take the exam within the next 2 months.

Daily IELTS Reading band 6.0 learning route

Day noTitle
1Linear thinking in Reading
3How to do the Matching Heading
5Matching Heading: Practice 1 – Doctoring sales
7Matching Heading: Practice 2 – Glaciers
9Matching Heading: Practice 3 – The impact of wilderness tourism
11Measures to combat infectious diseases in tsarist Russia
13Matching Heading: Practice 5 – The truth about lying
15How to do True / False / Not Given
17True/False/Not Given: Practice 1 – How much higher? How much faster?
19True/False/Not Given: Practice 2 – Trends in the Indian fashion and textile
21True/False/Not Given: Practice 3 – Bringing cinnamon to Europe
23How to do Gap-fill test
25Gap-fill: Practice 1 – Stepwells
27Gap-fill: Practice 2 – The Columbian Exchange
29Gap-fill: Practice 3 – What do whales feel?
31Gap-fill: Practice 4 – Is technology harming our children?
33Gap-fill: Practice 5 – Dirty rivers but clean water
35How to learn vocabulary effectively in Reading
37How to learn effective vocabulary from Reading to apply through Writing
39Full test: Cambridge 15 – Test 1
41How to do Multiple Choice test
43Multiple Choice: Practice 1 – Artificial Artists
45Multiple Choice: Practice 2 – Neuroaesthetics
47Multiple Choice: Practice 3 – Pottery production in ancient Arkotiri
49Multiple Choice: Practice 4 – Making the most of trends
51Multiple Choice: Practice 5 – When evolution runs backwards
53Tactics to do the full test effectively
55Full test: Cambridge 15 – Test 2
57Full test: Cambridge 15 – Test 3
59Full test: Cambridge 15 – Test 4

The above article has outlined the factors required to achieve IELTS Reading band 6 and effective strategies – applying Linear thinking – to achieve this dream band score. Hope you have got a suitable IELTS Reading band 6 learning route and get the score you want!

After you have achieved this band score, surely you also want to know the IELTS Reading 8 learning path and the specific IELTS Reading 9 learning path. please read this article for Reading tips

Let’s practice some recent IELTS Reading Exams:

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