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  1. General Overview
    General Overview of IELTS Reading Section
  2. IELTS Academic reading structure
  3. IELTS General reading structure
  4. IELTS Reading scores
  5. A step by step guide to improve Reading Skills
  6. Question Types in IELTS Reading
    Question Types in IELTS Reading Exam
  7. Master Note Taking question on IELTS Reading
  8. Matching Heading question on IELTS Reading section
  9. Matching Features question on IELTS Reading
  10. True / False / Not Given question on IELTS Reading section
  11. Summary Completion question on IELTS Reading
  12. Table completion question on IELTS Reading section
  13. Flow Chart Completion Question in IELTS Reading section
  14. Academic Reading Tests
    IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 1
    3 Exams
  15. IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 2
    3 Exams
  16. IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 3
    3 Exams
  17. IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 4
    3 Exams
  18. IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 5
    3 Exams
  19. General Training Reading Tests
    IELTS General Reading Practice Test 1
    3 Exams
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IELTS Academic reading structure

In this lesson of the IELTS Reading course from Simply IELTS, you will know the IELTS Academic Reading Structure and what type of texts that may appear

IELTS Academic reading structure
IELTS Academic reading structure

IELTS Academic reading structure

  • The module contains 3 texts and 40 questions.
  • Each section contains one long text.
  • The texts are authentic and taken from books, magazines or newspapers. They are written for a general audience and deal with academic topics of general interest.
  • The texts are suitable and accessible to candidates entering undergraduate or graduate courses or pursuing professional qualifications.
  • Texts range from descriptive and factual to discursive and analytical.
  • Texts may contain non-verbal material such as diagrams, graphs or illustrations. If the texts contain technical terms, a simple glossary is provided.

Sample text from IELTS Academic reading test

Here are a sample text from previous IELTS test to show you the IELTS Academic reading structure to be familiar with it.

In the next lessons in this course, you will find more reading test samples and practice exams.

“Aphantasia: A life without mental images”

Close your eyes and imagine walking along a sandy beach and then gazing over the horizon as the Sun rises. How clear is the image that springs to mind?

Most people can readily conjure images inside their head – known as their mind’s eye. But this year scientists have described a condition, aphantasia, in which some people are unable to visualize mental images.

Niel Kenmuir, from Lancaster, has always had a blind mind’s eye. He knew he was different even in childhood. “My stepfather, when I couldn’t sleep, told me to count sheep, and he explained what he meant, I tried to do it and I couldn’t,” he says. “I couldn’t see any sheep jumping over fences, there was nothing to count.”

Our memories are often tied up in images, think back to a wedding or first day at school. As a result, Niel admits, some aspects of his memory are “terrible”, but he is very good at remembering facts. And, like others with aphantasia, he struggles to recognize faces. Yet he does not see aphantasia as a disability, but simply a different way of experiencing life.

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