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IELTS exam fees, places, and how to register?

IELTS exam fees
IELTS exam fees

In this lesson of The complete guide to IELTS test course, will answer some questions related to IELTS exam as IELTS exam fees, where can you take IELTS test, test dates and more.

How much does the IELTS exam cost?

The cost of the IELTS exam is not fixed and is set by the test centers. The cost may vary depending on the country and testing center. 

Mostly, the IELTS exam fees ranges from $140 to $300.

For example, IELTS exam fees in India is 15,500 INR

You can find out the exact cost on the official IELTS website by going to the page with information about a particular test center at .

What is the minimum age requirement to take IELTS?

Generally, IELTS is recommended for candidates over 16 years of age. However, if you are under 16 and want to take the test, there are no restrictions. The minimum age limit is only a recommendation.

I am not yet 16 years old. What do I have to do to take IELTS?

If you are under 16 and still need to take the test for educational or migration purposes, you can register and take the test.

Where to take IELTS?

You can take the exam at any certified testing center. More information about each center and the cost of the exam at the link:

How are testing centers different from each other?

Price, location, managers, exam conditions: classrooms or one large hall, for example. In some centers there is IELTS on a computer, but somewhere it is not. Also, NOT all centers have UKVI IELTS – for a visa to the UK; or IELTS Life Skills – for those who need to demonstrate both their Speaking and Listening skills at A1 or B1 level.

What dates can I take IELTS?

Each testing center has a schedule according to which exams are held, usually several times a month. The IELTS exam is held on certain dates, depending on the reception center.

How is the registration for the exam?

Remotely filling out an application online on the website of the testing center.

When can I register for IELTS?

You can register at any center for any desired date, registration for which is open. The end date for registration for each exam is determined in advance.

Can I change or cancel my registration?

Yes, you can, but in advance. Check with the test center for the conditions of transfer and cancellation.

You can cancel or reschedule the exam up to 5, 6 or more weeks BEFORE the exam. You will be refunded, but withheld 25% of the registration fee. If you want to reschedule the date, then most likely you will have to pay an additional 25% of the registration fee. In general, the selected test center will tell you everything in detail.

Attention: if you want to cancel or reschedule the exam less than 5 weeks BEFORE the exam, you lose the entire amount. Although, if you bring a certificate within 5 days after the exam and prove that it is because of health, then ok (25% is still withheld).

Can the exam date be rescheduled?

If you cancel or want to reschedule the exam for 5 weeks, you get the money back, 25% is withheld. If you want to cancel or reschedule in less than 5 weeks – nothing is returned, you lose all the money. Exception: illness or injury. In this case, help is needed.

What happens if I don’t attend the exam?

If you miss the exam due to illness and provide a medical certificate within 5 days after the test, then the entire amount will be returned minus 25%. If there is no certificate and you overslept, or simply did not come, then you lose money.

What happens if I’m late for an exam?

The answer to this question is better to clarify in the center BEFORE the exam. As a general rule, latecomers are NOT allowed on the exam so as NOT to distract other people. Please arrive 20-15 minutes before the exam. Discuss everything with the managers of the center where you take the test.

I do not have a passport. Can I take the exam?

Yes. BUT!
A foreign passport is better, because it says your name in English – how your name is officially written. It is this name that will be in the documents to the university, to work, etc.
You can also register with a Russian passport.
At the exam, you show the document by which you registered!
If you booked abroad: only a foreign passport!


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