Is the right choice for students?


Every IELTS student’s search query revolves around the best paraphrasing tool. Since has thousands of trusted users worldwide, it has gotten the hype for its incredible ability to help weaker students become proficient.

It is impossible to think of anything better than having an excellent paraphrasing tool on hand to simplify their writing tasks.

Well, before using, students need to check its efficacy to see if it is the right choice for them or not. 

Over the past few months, we have used to rewrite different types of papers. Based on our experience, we present you with an unbiased review of

This review will tell you if is reliable for students or not.

So, buckle up and dig into the article now! 

What is is the leading online rephrasing tool that works on advanced artificial intelligence to rephrase and improve the quality of sentences and paragraphs. What makes popular among students is it’s free and unlimited usage. This is one of the best AI rephrase tools to improve the sound and shape of your text.

Besides paraphrasing, it offers various other advanced writing tools which include: Essay generator, Grammar checker, Plagiarism checker, Summarizer, and Translator. 

Undoubtedly, is the right choice for students, researchers, and writers as it slices the writing time in half without compromising the quality of the work. 

It works by replacing the words with their relevant synonyms and making sentences sound more professional. Thus, it offers a complete writing toolkit so that students do not need to spend on multiple other writing tools. As a result, they are able to enjoy all of their favorite writing tools under one roof. Features

In comparison to other leading paraphrasers, has excellent and advanced features. 

paraphrasingtool ai

Have a quick look to see a detailed view of its advanced features: 

Web-based paraphraser: By using a web browser, you can easily access anywhere, anytime.

Six AI modes: With its different paraphrasing modes, you can rewrite any piece of text to suit your writing style. Check out its paraphrasing modes below:

  • Text improver – to improve text fluency and tone
  • Near human – to make the text sound more professional 
  • Plagiarism remover – to remove plagiarism 
  • Creative – to give the writing a creative glimpse
  • Academic – to rewrite academic papers
  • Sentence rephraser – to rewrite a complete article sentence by sentence 

Recommend synonyms: recommends the synonyms of the selected words. You will have the option of choosing synonyms from a drop-down list.

Define complicated terms: In addition to synonyms, it provides a complete definition of the selected word, so that you can understand it easily. Students can also improve their vocabulary through this feature. 

Headline generator: It generates titles for the entered text that are fully relevant and accurate, regardless of what you paraphrase. Students can use these titles in their assignments, essays, and other papers. 

Generate overview: Another amazing feature that makes stands out among others is that it generates a quick overview of the entered text. It summarizes the text by evaluating key points and providing high-level overviews. Essay Generator Tool has recently launched its mind-blowing essay generator tool. This essay writing tool is specially designed for students to help them write both long-form and short-form essays. 

Using this essay generator, you only need to enter the first introductory sentence and it will do the rest. This advanced essay generator comprehends the first essay line and generates the rest based on it. 

This tool will generate an essay sentence by sentence, and you will be able to choose the sentences you want to use. Essay Generator Tool Grammar Checker offers a grammar checker for everyone to use. The best thing about this tool is that you can use this grammar checker for free. 

It is easy-to-use grammar-checking software. Just copy-paste the text and it will highlight all the grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes with accurate suggestions. Grammar Checker Plagiarism Checker also provides excellent plagiarism checker software. Once you have finished writing your assignment, you can check for plagiarism right away. Plagiarism Checker

You can simply copy-paste your paper into this tool and it will highlight the similarities in it with the percentage results. With the percentage of original and plagiarized content, you can check your content’s originality and uniqueness without spending a single penny.

Is it the right choice for students?

A straightforward answer to this is Yes. is best for students in terms of rewriting papers, making them plagiarism and error-free. Since it offers a complete set of writing tools that make it an excellent choice for students all over the world. 

Furthermore, can transform any dull piece of text into a more professional and creative way and gives students a chance to enhance their vocabulary. 

It is true that paraphrased content may contain some mistakes, but you can use its grammar checker to check it for errors. It is indeed the best writing assistant tool for students with some additional features such as an essay generator and plagiarism checker.

You can use for free. The software allows you to rephrase up to 1000 words at once, which is great for rewriting essays, assignments, and other papers. 

You will find that executing the material won’t take much time when you start using the tool. This advanced tool will provide results in a flick of a switch. 

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that is a good choice for students.

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