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Commonly tested vocabulary for the reading test

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Commonly tested vocabulary for the reading test

Vocabulary words and phrases commonly tested on the reading test

The following is a list of common vocabulary words and phrases that may be tested on the reading test. It is not an exhaustive list, but it can give you an idea of the types of words and phrases you should be familiar with

Word or phraseDefinition
EnumerateTo list or itemize
AllegationAn assertion or claim that is made without proof
ElucidateTo explain or clarify
MitigateTo make less severe or harsh
IntricateComplicated or involved
CompileTo gather and bring together from various sources
ConsolidateTo combine or unite into a single whole
ContendTo assert or maintain as a position or argument
CorroborateTo confirm or support with evidence
CredibleBelievable or trustworthy
CriterionA standard or principle used for judgment or evaluation
DataFacts or figures used as a basis for analysis or interpretation
EncompassTo include or cover a wide range
EvaluateTo assess or judge the value or quality of something
ExemplifyTo serve as an example or instance of something
FosterTo encourage or promote the growth or development of something
HypothesisA supposition or theory that is made as a starting point for further investigation
ImplyTo suggest or hint at something indirectly
IncorporateTo combine or merge with something else
IndicateTo point out or show something
InterpretTo explain or understand the meaning of something
JustifyTo provide a reason or explanation for something
ObjectiveBased on facts or reality, rather than on personal feelings or opinions
ObservationThe act of watching or noticing something
ParaphraseTo restate or rephrase something in a different way
PerspectiveA point of view or angle of looking at something
PhenomenonA remarkable or unusual event or occurrence
PredictTo foretell or forecast something
PrevalentWidespread or common
ProcedureA series of steps or actions taken to achieve a particular result
RelevanceThe relationship or connection of something to the matter at hand
ResourceA supply or source of something that can be used to meet a need or achieve an end
ScopeThe range or extent of something
SurveyA systematic examination or investigation of something
TheoryA supposition or set of ideas that is intended to explain something, especially one that is based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained
TrendA general tendency or direction of change
UndermineTo weaken or damage the foundation or support of something
ValidateTo confirm or verify the truth or validity of something
VaryTo differ or change in some way
VerifyTo confirm or establish the truth or accuracy of something
VocabularyThe body or range of words used by a person or group in a particular context
WarrantTo justify or provide a reason for something
WidespreadPrevalent or common over a large area or among many people
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