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Success in life comes from taking risks essay IELTS Writing

Success in life comes from taking risks essay IELTS 7 band

success in life comes from taking risks essay
success in life comes from taking risks essay

In this lesson, you will find IELTS writing task 2 essay and answer “Success in life comes from taking risks essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that success in life depends on hard work and determination, while others believe that other factors like money and personal appearance are important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

You should write at least 250 words.

Success in life comes from taking risks essay IELTS 7 band sample answer

Success is the valued highly since it gets one respect, financial freedom and sense of freedom but it depends on so many factors that different people have divergent views on how to achieve success. There are some people who think that success is derivative of hard work and determination while others think that money and personal appearance are key factors in swinging success to your side.

To begin with success is a function of hard work and determination to a large extent because world is full of examples of people who have been able to achieve success due to sheer hard work and determination though they had limited resources when they started out. One great example of such extraordinary success is story of Apple computers which started off in a garage of its founder Steve Jobs who had no money but due to his great efforts and determination Apple has become the most valued brand in the world today. Therefore, hard work and determination definitely play a key role in success.

Money also plays an important role in success and without it success would not be possible either. It’s because to carry out any activity whether it is business venture or say awareness campaign about some social cause, money is the foremost requirement. For example if one wants to start a new promising business venture, then he/she must have money to start off the business activity . Hence money is also definitely one of the key requirements for success.

Personal appearance on the other hand though is important for certain professions such as acting and modeling but cannot be said to be a key factor for success for other professions because though having good personal appearance is desirable but except modeling and acting its not a pre requisite for any other profession. For example some of very successful persons such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela had hardly great personal appearances but were hugely successful, while same rule would not apply on actors and models for whom personal appearance is everything.

To conclude, I believe that success is a combination of many synergetic activities. But key components that contribute most to the success are hard work, determination and money because without them most of the activities would simply not be possible, on the other hand personal appearance though is desirable but is not a deciding factor in success except for few selected professions such as acting and modeling.


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