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Main topics of IELTS essay

Main topics of IELTS essay

Main topics of IELTS essay writing task 2
Main topics of IELTS essay writing task 2

In this lesson from IELTS writing task 2 online course, you will know the main topics of IELTS essay writing task 2 for General and Academic IELTS.

To write an essay, you need to be able to express your opinion on a variety of issues, as well as give relevant arguments and examples.

The main topics of IELTS essay:

Advertising (advertising)positive and negative aspects of advertising, the impact of advertising on society
Animal rights (animal rights)animal experiments, vegetarianism, zoos
Citiesurbanization, positive and negative aspects of city life, pedestrian zones
Crime (crime)police work to prevent crime, detention of prisoners in prison, rehabilitation of prisoners, death penalty, correctional labor, media coverage of crime
Education (education)advantages and disadvantages of education, study abroad, technology in education, education in developing countries, home schooling, school misbehavior, corporal punishment, special schools for boys and girls, distribution of students according to ability
Environment (environment)human impact on the environment, global warming, man-made disasters, ways to solve environmental problems: production waste, waste recycling, endangered animal species
Family (family)working parents, problems in divorce, caring for the elderly, raising children
Gender (gender)the role of men and women in the family, gender division in the professional environment
Genetic engineering (genetic engineering)pros and cons of GMOs
Global issues (world problems)problems in developing countries, helping those in need, immigration, multicultural societies, globalization
Government and society (government and society)role of government, censorship, surveillance cameras in public places, unemployment
Health issues (health)diet and exercise, public health system, private clinics, alternative medicine, effects of stress on health
Housing and architecture (housing and architecture)public housing, modern architecture, green building
Language (language)English as an international language
Money (money)social stratification of society, culture of consumption
Personality (personality)happiness, success, upbringing, personal qualities
Sport and leisure (sport and leisure)professional and amateur sports, athletes’ salaries, sports and politics
Television, internet, phones (television, internet, phones)positive and negative aspects of technological progress
Tourism (tourism)the impact of tourism on the country’s economy and environment, the future of the tourism sector
Transport (transport)traffic problems and their solutions, public transport, road safety
Water (water)access to clean water, water supply problems in developing countries, bottled water
Weapons (weapon)weapons permit, arms trade, nuclear weapons, country’s armed forces
Work (work)career ladder, private enterprise, unemployment, work-life balance, child labor
Main topics of the IELTS essay

So that you can write an essay on any topic, expand your horizons: read feature articles, watch videos, etc. You must be able to make strong arguments on any issue. 

Let’s give examples of arguments for and against on the topic “Testing of medicines on animals“.

Arguments for animal testing:

  • animals are used in important scientific research;
  • it is necessary to carry out medical tests of new drugs;
  • animal tests help to increase knowledge in the field of medicine and science, to achieve breakthroughs in medicine;
  • animal experiments are behind many significant medical discoveries;
  • some medical and scientific experiments cannot be done on humans.

Arguments against animal testing:

  • the advantages of animal research do not justify the suffering caused to them;
  • there are alternative methods of research;
  • in most cases, machine simulation can be used;
  • animal life should be respected;
  • humans have no moral right to experiment on animals.

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